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Other Trusted Spiritual Leaders

Paulina Podbiello.jpg

Paulina Podbiello is an Intuitive Healer and Energy Coach.  Ever since her teenage years, she has been inspired by Oracle Cards and Chakras. 


Her natural curiosity and the search for TRUTH led her into many places in her life. 


Her life goal is to serve as a GUIDE for others, and to be the LIGHT for those who need some sparks of JOY, which seeks to invoke their child-like ENERGY to PLAY.

For more about Paulina and her beautiful offerings, visit 

Nipra Varma.jpg

Nipra Varma is a Quantum Energy and Movement Healer. 


As a classically trained dancer, she combines energy healing with performing arts to release negative blocks and energies from the body - thus accelerating the healing process. 

As an Engineer, she strongly believes in combining ART, SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITY to heal and unleash our highest potential.  The unlimited potential is hiding away to be explored and the fact that very less percentage of people get to tap into it and live in a reality that is based on their dreams.  Nipra helps unlock that potential within others to re-connect with their authentic self.

For more about Nipra and her wonderful abilities, visit

Lilith CS.jpg

Lilith Callista Silverkrow, Founder of Love Nature and Beyond, is a Spiritual Soul Coach, Psychic Tarot Advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Nichiren Buddhist, Shaman and High Priestess with over 15 years of experience. 


Lilith is also Kundalini Reiki Master, Quantum Reiki Master, and Usui Reiki Master.  She is the host of the Love Nature and Beyond Podcast.

With experience in Shamanic practices, spell craft, mediumship and Intuitive healing, Lilith brings physical change into reality, using the ability to channel the right course of action for healing to begin.  Centered in the art of love, her work is focused around helping women heal their hearts and gain unshakeable confidence in themselves.

For more about Lilith and her amazing offerings, visit:

Skye Ryan.jpg

Skye Ryan is a Certified Psychic Medium and Energy Healer in Western New York.  She graduated from and continues her learning under a Local Shaman.

All readings with Skye are meant to bring healing and closure to those who have passed on.  Connecting with energetic loved ones can​ bring great comfort to those who seek connection or those who want confirmation that life still exists after we leave earth.

For more about Skye and her beautiful abilities, visit:

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