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Soul Journ Sessions

Mentoring for Women

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $1988 (12 Sessions)
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The journey to one's soul. Step into this sacred Soul Journ space, where you are surrounded in unconditional support; where it is okay for you to be raw & vulnerable; to reveal your inner critic; to release being reactive; to break down that shield of armor which you have carried for years, and separated you from living your authenticity... from speaking your truths... from choosing to live each day more purposefully than yesterday... from emotionally sabotaging opportunities to embracing more inner peace... to choose intentionally... create consciously... face challenges led by faith, not fear... to lean in for a deeper connection to self... to keep reaching ...thriving ...succeeding ...achieving ...accomplishing ...to show up powerfully for yourself; to strengthen your core values and to free your mind, body & spirit from what no longer serves a higher purpose in your life. "The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet" ~ Lao Tzu Each Soul Journ Session is tailored to meet your individual needs, and includes: - a dedicated 90-minute session (once a month for 12 months); - a workbook & essential practices to guide your journey; - an accountablity mentor & unlimited email support;; - more confidence to step outside of your comfort zone; - increased courage to accept & move through life's difficulties; - fresh perspective to forge a path forward in alignment with your highest benefit; - deeper insight into your emotional energy; - increased resiliency & courage to empower your truths; - fearlessness to unleash and heal your wounded inner child; - compassionately embrace subtle shifts to gain overall harmony in mind, body & spirit; - profound connection with self to answer the 'why' behind your actions, thoughts & behaviors. It is my belief that in order to live purposefully and mindful of our words, actions & behaviors, you must shine light upon the shadow side of your soul in a way that empowers a more meaningful life - a life in which you function based on choice... in choosing to show up more accountable... a place where you become more self-aware, leading to heartfelt inner peace, abundant joyfulness, unconditional love, true success, and so much more clarity in all your interactions. It doesn't matter how long your inner critic has stood in your way. What matters is that you are here now, seeking a powerfully guided journey to help you re-connect to the authentic soul you came here to claim.

Cancellation Policy

Services & Disclaimers You must be 18 years or older to request online or in-person sessions, services and readings. Upon scheduling any services, you agree to all the details of this disclaimer, and release Bimberlynn Soulworks LLC and its associates, owners, affiliates, partners and employees, liability / responsibility for any actions or inactions that occur, delays in providing services, information or inability to carry out obligations due beyond our control. Sessions are done via ZOOM at scheduled times. If you have a scheduled appointment and are in need of cancelling / rescheduling our time, kindly provide me with at least 24 hours advanced notice. In the event of late or missed sessions, the full session fee will be charged. Your purchase is non-refundable once we have begun our sessions. Should you need to cancel prior to having begun our sessions, am happy to refund 100% By purchasing and/or engaging in any services, you automatically agree and understand that sensitive, embarassing or incriminating information may arise, and you will not hold Bimberlynn Soulworks LLC and its associates, owners, affiliates, partners and employees liable for any direct, indirect, insidious, inconsequential or punitive damages arising from what may occur from the spiritual advice offered. Any sessions, services and readings are intended to offer a thought process into a person's life and are not guaranteed. Any sessions, services and readings do not in any way replace or constitute health, legal, financial or professional advice. You also understand that Bimberlynn Soulworks LLC and its associates are not licensed to diagnose health issues, injuries, illnesses or diseases, including pregnancy and/or death. Should you have any of those needs, we recommend contacting a licensed professional. By engaging in any sessions, services and readings, you agree that Bimberlynn Soulworks LLC and its associates, owners, affiliates, partners and employees will not be responsible for the death or personal injury resulting from negligence on our behalf, or for accidental fraudulent misrepresentation. When you request any services, understand and agree that you are using the service at your own risk and that all final decisions you make regarding your life are your sole responsibility.

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