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Intuitively Soulful Readings

Profound insight for your soul's questions

  • 1 hour
  • 88 US dollars
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Service Description

Are you seeking deeper insight to support where you are on your life's path? In need of a fresh perspective? Seeking encouraging and supportive guidance? Validation for what you may already know? Recommendations for achieving flow within your mind/body/spirit? Someone to identify energetic attachments which are causing emotional pain? Help you recognize patterns along your journey to fulfilling your soul's purpose? If you were nodding your head 'yes' to any of those prompts, let's connect. Choose which reading format you prefer: Virtual Meeting (via ZOOM), Audio recording or .PDF document (via email) Whichever format you prefer to receive your Intuitively Soulful Reading, it will include: - Practical action and additional resources for your journey <i.e., 'how to get there from here'> - Deep insight & wisdom about any emotional barriers or energy blocks you are feeling - Nurturing & encouraging guidance as a way forward <this often provides an immediate breakthrough or 'ah-ha' moment for you> - Psychic Tarot & Oracle card spreads/messages to help harmonize your mind, body & spirit - Crystal Spirit messages & affirmations to work with As a 3rd+ generation Intuitive, specializing in emotional energy and how it impacts the love you have for yourself and with others, the wisdom and guidance I am presented with comes in different forms such as: visions, energetic and physical sensations, and auditory messages. It may often include: past life, medium/mediumship, energy healing, spiritual psychology, prayer/meditation, crystals, card readings and past/present/future information. Individual Testimonials: 08/12/2020 "Kim did an amazing reading for me. She is a hella (hell of an) intuitive and her reading was so insightful, and we never even spoke! I highly recommend Kim, she is the real deal!" ~ Tammi M. 05/24/2020 "I can't recommend Kim enough. She has the most kind, soft, beautiful energy. She gave me the most beautiful healing and was spot on with her intuitive messages for me. During my session, she recommended me a crystal to work with and pulled an oracle card that vastly resonated with my current experience. She made me feel comfortable, welcome and warmed up to her right away. I'll definitely be coming back to Kim." - Diana R. More reviews can be found by clicking on our 'Testimonials' tab.

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