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Insightfully Intuitive mini-Reading

  • 45 minutes
  • 77 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Let's take an insightful adventure into your heart-center, deep within to where your soul's core is lovingly housed, to look inside and uncover those protective layers you have built for yourself through life's experiences. "Your vision will become clear, Only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside - dreams; Who looks inside - awakens."         ~ Carl Jung This journey inside of yourself is a sacred container via a 45-minute virtual meeting, and seeks to provide you with the insight that you have been longing for to help clarify and re-ignite your own inner knowing - your inner sanctity known as intuition. You see, at the age of 4, I remember instinctively having very strong gut feelings about people and situations, but no one talked about these kinds of visions or feelings, so I went about my life, not really knowing the true source of my inner power. Then it progressed to dreams. One example that comes to mind happened in the summer of 2016 when I told my partner that the cruise he was booking for September 2017 was not going to sail. Thank goodness he listened to me and had bought trip insurance, because Hurricane Irma occurred and disrupted cruise travel for weeks. Reminds me of another time when on a ghost tour in Key West, Florida, and I was describing the images in my mind's eye to my partner BEFORE the tour operator had a chance to tell us the exact same thing of what I had seen. These flashes of insight and in knowing things about people and situations are how I have effectively advised clients from all over the world, who are seeking personal or professional insight. As a third+ generation Intuitive, specializing in emotional energy and how it impacts the love you have for yourself and with others, the wisdom and guidance I am presented with comes in different forms such as: visions, energetic / physical sensations and auditory messages. It may often include past life information, evidential mediumship, energy healing, spiritual psychology, prayer and meditation, or crystal energy messaging to support your journey. Book now to reserve your spot with Kim 💜                                    

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