Guided by Usui Reiki and Chakra Healing, you will be lovingly navigated into a deep dive of your emotions, effectively unlocking your true self.  You will be provided with empowering steps forward in alignment with your highest good.


Through deep insight about the essence of your situation, I gently guide you through clearing out any emotional, mental or spiritual blocks (such as past life trauma, limiting beliefs, old patterns, etc.) and will light the way forward in energy healing & chakra balancing.


To enhance and support your session, it may also include:

Drawing of Oracle and/or Tarot cards with a personalized message

Specific crystals to work with 

Affirmations & Grounding Techniques

Enlightening channeled information to guide your journey forward



Individual Testimonials ~

09/10/2020  "I am feeling much lighter and more refreshed (after your healing work within Sacral Chakra)"  - Nikhisha H.

More testimonials can be found by clicking on our 'Testimonials' tab

Energy Healing & Spiritual Clearing (Reiki)

  • Sessions are done via ZOOM at scheduled times. 

    Appointments are generally available Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm CST (Central Standard Time).  Due to the variance in global time standards, other appointment times may be available.  Contact us.

    Your purchase is non-refundable once we have begun our sessions.  Should you need to cancel prior to having begun our sessions, am happy to refund 100%.

    If you have a scheduled appointment and are in need of cancelling/re-scheduling our time, kindly provide me with at least 24 hours advance notice.  In the event of late or missed sessions, the full session fee will be charged.

    Information may help you deal with health-related issues emotionally, but they cannot provide a diagnosis nor can they suggest treatment.  Someone seeking medical guidance should speak to a doctor.  Information channeled within session does not replace professional advice.

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