What trees taught me about life

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Think about how trees can weather all seasons. Resiliency. Think about how they bend, break and lie dormant before coming alive with beautifully shaped leaves. Growth.

What about how they are great protectors to all creatures big & small? Security. All the climbing on trunks and branches, into nooks and crannies, finding special places to eat, nest and play. Taking chances. Reminding us to have fun while also going out on a limb every now and then.

What about all the colors on their leaves and bark? Uniqueness. The growth within and on them reminding us to be content with our natural beauty. Faith in knowing it's okay to live your truth. Authenticity.

Look at how the roots spread far out across the ground and deep into the earth. Connections. Reminding us to tie into those deeper relationship levels within ourselves and others.

Step outside and be surrounded by the trees. Listen to the whispers and find the life lessons from the trees.

Picture credit: Kim Carpenter, Fisheating Creek Campground, Palmdale, FL

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