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"This is it." I thought, "my life will end on the side of cliff at the hand of a narcissist." These passing thoughts solidified my decision to leave him.

Minutes before, he had requested that I book our next vacation in the Rocky Mountains ("so we could go hiking," he stated nonchalantly, "where you would accidentally fall from the trail.")

His soulless eyes were smiling at the thought.

In that moment, like many times before, I felt so far away from him. How could someone mutter such threatening words so casually?

I don't recall the exact reason he was punishing me for in that moment. I had lost count in being the recipient of his unhealthy reactions to anyone not obeying his words.

Was it because I was truly leaving once and for all? Boxes were packed, goodbyes were said. As I placed a screwdriver beneath my pillow that last night in his house, I thanked God for safely removing me out of this situation for good.

The months proceeding my departure, I had been 'shifting' internally. Emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. He cursed those changes occurring within me, and in the same breath, he rejected any accountability for the exploding separation between us. Was there really ever anything between us though?

And just like that, I spread my wings, untethering myself from behaviors that no longer served my true self.


Kim Carpenter is a Lightworker, 3rd generation Intuitive & Soul Journ Coach, who mentors women who feel held back by their mindset, to create a stronger foundation solidly rooted in self-love, so they can achieve their full potential and confidently experience changing the world through their soul's mission. With over 20 years' experience in the field of Human Relations, she seamlessly blends her spiritual abilities with practical business experience, to empower others to live their highest self. Having a profound ability to intuitively focus on emotional energy, Kim has a nurturing and gentle nature where healing transforms your soul through her coaching sessions, therapeutic energy art sessions and insightful intuitive readings.

Share some tidbits of your story and how you found your voice. Together, we can spread more light into the world and empower others to live each day for the greatest good of all.

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