Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Why is it that some, when faced with a large task, do not ask for help?

Or, maybe it’s the flip side.

Why is it that some, when not asked, still insist on helping?

Either scenario, in this example, may cause hurt feelings resulting in non-communication.

Perhaps find some time to gently #REFLECT (uncovering the blessings in all things whether good or bad), on the following:

· In your formative years, what did you experience? (be gentle)

· Was it a belief that asking for help was a sign of weakness? (don't judge yourself or others)

· Were you conditioned to put others first before yourself? (now it's time for you)

· Do you have limiting beliefs surrounding vulnerability? (keep calm & let go)

· Where does passive aggressive behavior come from? (change is okay)

· Can you be honest about yourself and your feelings? (find your words)

Discovering the origins of your actions and behaviors, which have often been handed down generation after generation, is a soul-worthy journey. Specifically around past-life.. what a beautiful loving way to #REFLECT and process who you truly are.

It is a time for healing, growing and transforming into your best self.

It is never too late to start your journey.

Picture credit: Kim Carpenter, Fisheating Creek Campground, Palmdale, FL

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