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One with Nature

How do you connect with nature?

For me, it is a cabin in the woods where it truly feels 'one with nature.' Especially in those times to 'just be' with earth. Am often found on the front porch, in a wooden rocking chair listening to, and watching, a variety of animals.

Take deer, for example. We don't even open our mouths to converse with one another, and yet they teach many wonderful life lessons.

Yes, they communicate with us.

Winter ~

Their coats thicken and turn to a dark ashen brown, camouflaged within their environment of the once lush forest, which now is leafless and gray against the cooler days.

Food is now more scarce, which initiates the drive to be resourceful (as most does are probably pregnant).

The lessons of deer spirit this season teach about resiliency, adaptability, durability, resourcefulness and courage.

(the photo was taken looking outside the kitchen window)

Spring ~

The does give birth to the fawns. <wait... let's think about this for a hot minute...>

They give birth, in nature, on their own. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Almost immediately, the doe will guide, nurture and teach their fawns, while also protecting them alone in the woods. In the warmer temperatures, their coats shed and return to a light, golden brown.

The lessons of deer spirit this season teach about courage, confidence, communication, willpower, leadership and nurture.

Summer ~

They roam in search of grass and leaves, which are now in full bloom from many warm days. The does enjoy watching their frolicking fawns while continuing to teach them the laws of nature for their highest good. We see a few bucks return to the does and fawns, as if to provide their perspective of the lands.

The lessons of deer spirit this season teach about open communication & open-mindedness, in addition to reinforcing the importance of courage and strength within.

Fall ~

Acorns are falling, leaves are changing, and the deer once again adapt to the cooling temperatures. Approaching mating season, the bucks are now protective of the territory. The fawns, who by now have outgrown their spots, learn from the buck such things as survivorship, and strength. They expand their knowledge, leading to many wonderful experiences & lessons within nature.

(the photo of a Key Deer was taken in Big Pine Key, Florida)

Nature. It has been around us all along. A free and beautiful resource... limitless actually, when you think about it. I only mentioned one animal, -- <don't get me started on the lessons from squirrels, birds, mice, snakes,> -- and there are thousands of other varieties.

It reminds me a bit of us, huh? And by us, I mean humans. Imagine a place where no matter our circumstances, we too can adapt, overcome and succeed in all things (just like deer spirit teaches us).

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