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Can You Imagine...?

Rocking on the front porch one lazy afternoon recently, I was gazing into the landscape before me while listening to the various chirps and tweets coming from the tree tops. From my perspective, I could count several varieties of trees, each with differently shaped leaves and colors, and having unique bark patterning on each of the tree trunks,

In amazement of the symbolism between trees and humans, a thought appeared before me. What if there were no shades, tones, tints or hues of life?

Let's look at nature for example.

Every shade of green you see is now the same color. There are no chartreuse, grass, lime, forest, sage, pine, army, kelly, hunter, teal, neon, olive, pastel, jade, or moss greens. Green is green. Brown is brown. These are no taupe, tan, bronze, copper, burnt sienna, umber, chestnut, ochre, caramel, or rust browns.

The first impression that pops into my mind is there being no depth, yet life as we know it overflows with depth, dimension, perspective, shapes, and differences.

This is the beauty of life, and to what forms each and every one of us, making us unique, yet universally connected at the core to the same higher power of love.

Just like nature in all its glory, especially the spirit of the trees which lives freely among the various species of their own kind, and warmly welcomes all to its branches including those who are different, while rooting for everyone as they all expand towards the vast open sky.

We all bring something unique and wonderful to the table of life.

Can you imagine if more humans were to embody tree spirit?


Kim Carpenter is a Lightworker, 3rd generation Intuitive & Soul Coach, who mentors women in creating a stronger foundation solidly rooted in self-love, so they can achieve their full potential and confidently experience changing the world through their soul's mission. With over 20 years' experience in the field of Human Relations, she seamlessly blends her spiritual abilities with practical business experience to empower others in living their highest self within all aspects of life. She invites you to share your story, and together, let's spread more light into the world, empowering others to live each day for the greatest good of all.

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