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Creativity is within each and every one of us.  What's your creative side look like?

For me, it was a safe place.  Being creative was a doorway to freedom.  My dad always tells a long ago story about how I could make art out of sticks & mud.  I remember always doodling around the edges of my homework and then later in high school, helping my mom paint various items for her craft shows.  In college, I loved art history and color theory courses.  Being creative was always a nice escape while on my inward journey to expansion.

Throughout this journey, I have refined my creative side to offering specific handmade items (as shown below) and essential oils that compliment your sessions with Wind Beneath My Wings.  Items which have been channeled with much peace, prosperity and loving light.  It is my greatest wish for you to feel the joy from the moment your eyes connect to the item until it arrives in your hands, and hopefully it helps to spark your creative journey too.

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Wind Beneath My Wings


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