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Hi!  My name is Kim.  As an Intuitive Mindset Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner who specializes in emotional energy and how to utilize it to enhance your relationships, I promise to support, motivate, guide, inspire, nurture, empower, listen... all the while, holding you accountable and encouraging you to fully embrace the power of inner healing, within the sacred space of our guided readings.

I describe Intuitive Readings as the "window to your soul" that perhaps due to life's circumstances has been blurred, and as much as you have tried to erase those layers causing the blur, you just haven't been able to put your finger on the core issue (or root cause), and that is where I step in as a third+ generation Intuitive.


You see, at the age of 4, I remember instinctively having very strong gut feelings about people and situations, but no one talked about these kinds of visions or feelings back then (even those in my family who were intuitive), so I went about my life not really knowing the true source of my inner power. 

Then it progressed to dreams.  One example that comes to mind happened in the summer of 2016 when I told my partner that the cruise he was booking for September 2017 was not going to sail. Thank goodness he listened to me and had bought trip insurance, because Hurricane Irma occurred and disrupted cruise travel for weeks.  Reminds me of another time when on a ghost tour in Key West, Florida, and I was describing the images in my mind's eye to my partner BEFORE the tour operator had a chance to tell us the exact same thing of what I had seen.

These flashes of insight and in knowing things about people and situations are how I have effectively advised clients from all over the world, who are seeking personal or professional insight. 

This ability, in combination with spiritual psychology, along with working knowledge within the field of Human Relations, effectively engages you to heal those areas in your life that you are seeking to shift.  These internal areas of your core may be housing outdated belief systems, old ways of being, conditional perspectives, and perhaps a bit of generational karma, among other energies you perhaps absorbed from life's experiences.

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A sacred space where healing transforms your soul

When you are equipped with the soulful tools and rewarding strategies that you need, which positively impacts your forward momentum in all aspects of your life, you can achieve heart-centered harmony, strongly rooted in self-love, with profound interconnections to your inner knowing.

Within any of my offerings, the wisdom and guidance I am presented with comes in different forms, such as: working with God (or perhaps you refer to this higher power as Source or Creator), the Archangels and Spirit Guides, visions, energetic / physical sensations and auditory messages, and may also include past life history, evidential mediumship, energy healing, spiritual psychology, Restorative Journaling + Art, prayer and meditation to support your journey. 

Shine your light so all can see it. 

Lift it up because the whole world needs it - Unknown Author

In addition to being SHRM-Certified HR Professional since 2017, I am also certified in Advanced Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Techniques, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness Techniques; plus, USUI Reiki Level II, Crystal Reiki Master and Therapeutic Art Journaling.  What all this means for you is that I promise to always hold a nurturing, yet accountable, space for you to experience self-love expansion to effectively revitalize your soul, while launching your intuition to new heights ✨

Thank you for adventuring along with my story.  I am truly grateful for your time and appreciate you visiting this page!  If you are ready to spread your amazing wings to reclaim your inner knowing, let's connect 🦋

Warrior.  Dreamer.  Mentor.  Creator.  Writer.  Empath.  Tea Drinker.  Intuitive.  Advisor. 

Passionate Soul.  Wild Heart.  Traveler.  Survivor.  Artist.  Healer.  Cat Mom.  Medium. 

Observer.  Southern Girl.  Photographer.  Nature Lover.  Lightworker.  Dancer. 

Clear Communicator.  Believer.  Music Lover.  Truth-teller.  Grateful Soul.

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