Have you ever experienced feelings of doubt, self-sacrifice, criticism, or been fearful?  Me too. 

For several years, I was kinda 'stuck' in that energy of unfulfilled relationships, unworthiness and conditional self-love.  Any of this sound familiar to you too?  Though I was kind & happy on the outside, healing from within was the only way forward to break that unsatifactory cycle.  I made a choice then, which has greatly impacted my life ever since, to choose myself and to embrace my truest self - a WARRIOR OF LIGHT & LOVE.  And so begun my Lightworker mission to enlighten other women about the power of self-love, which will embolden you to be an unstoppable force of light & love for others too.


Hi!  My name is Kim and I am that hippie chick who lights the way for others to achieve their greatest successes.  I am an Intuitive Mentor / Soul Journ Coach, specializing in emotional energy.  As a third+ generation Intuitive, I combine this gift with the 20 years of experience managing Human Relations for business, to help you solve and heal areas within your life situations for your highest good.




Are you ready to re-claim your inner power?  Are you ready to spread your wings?  ​Are you ready to experience changing the world through your soul's mission?  My vision is to always hold nurturing space for you, a place where you feel empowered to live your highest self and to achieve all your dreams.


With accreditations in Advanced Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Techniques, Emotional Intelligence for Women, Usui & Crystal Reiki, and Therapeutic Art, together we can revitalize having a greater self-awareness, uplifting relationship dynamics and achieve life goals for your greatest success in alignment with your life's purposeful mission.  

In addition to being strongly intuitive, I enjoy working with God/Creator/Source, Usui Reiki, Crystals,  Archangels & Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Psychometry, Past Life / Karmic patterning, Chakra Archetypes and Psychic Tarot & Oracle cards.   





Welcome to Wind Beneath My Wings


Find peace in the fact that life doesn’t revolve around what tore you down.  

What defines you is how well you rise after falling.

It lies in your resiliency and courage to do soul work.

It is here and now that you can start that journey. 











More of our Client Testimonials ~

Shine your light so all can see it. 

Lift it up because the whole world needs it

- Unknown Author

Warrior.  Dreamer.  Mentor.  Creator.  Writer.  Empath.  Tea Drinker.  Intuitive.  Advisor. 

Passionate Soul.  Wild Heart.  Traveler.  Survivor.  Artist.  Healer.  Cat Mom.  Medium. 

Observer.  Southern Girl.  Photographer.  Nature Lover.  Lightworker.  Dancer. 

Clear Communicator.  Believer.  Music Lover.  Truth-teller.  Grateful Soul.