It was a warm April day long ago when spiritual enlightenment filled me to my core.  It had appeared throughout my life quite often, starting at a very early age.  But on that particular spring day, it was very loud and very clear.   My sensitive soul was ready for its true emergence from the dark cocoon.  It was time to 'heal and be healed.'


If you have felt a similar calling to spread your amazing wings, I honor your courage and am here to support your flight.

Hi!  My name is Kim and I am a Lightworker specializing in Emotional Energy Intuitive Mentoring and Soul Coaching.


I support people, in a nurturing and uplifting environment, to help them better understand themselves so they can have more connection, less stress and a clearer life path.  So I ask... are you -

  • Ready to rise into your best self?

  • Ready to re-connect to your intuition?

  • Ready to re-claim your inner power?

  • Ready to spread your wings?  

Within each of our sacred sessions, I combine my strong intuitive abilities with 20 years of human relations experience to help others gently work through and heal areas in their life/career/relationship situations.  

As an advanced Life Coach, together we can refresh & renew your relationship dynamics, review past life information and archetypes for profound healing, and re-awaken your life purpose.

I am strongly gifted with intuitive abilities and enjoy working with God, Usui Reiki, Crystals,  Archangels & Spirit Guides, Mediumship, Psychometry, Therapeutic Art Journaling and reading/interpreting Tarot & Oracle cards.   








Find peace in the fact that life doesn’t revolve around what tore you down.  

What defines you is how well you rise after falling.  

It lies in your resiliency and courage to do soul work. 

It is here and now that you can start that journey. 

     Welcome to Wind Beneath My Wings











Warrior.  Dreamer.  Mentor.  Creator.  Writer.  Empath.  Tea Drinker.  Intuitive.  Advisor. 

Passionate Soul.  Wild Heart.  Traveler.  Survivor.  Artist.  Healer.  Cat Mom.  Medium. 

Observer.  Southern Girl.  Photographer.  Nature Lover.  Lightworker.  Dancer. 

Clear Communicator.  Believer.  Music Lover.  Truth-teller.  Grateful Soul.

Shine your light so all can see it. 

Lift it up because the whole world needs it

- Unknown Author

© 2020 Kim Carpenter with

Wind Beneath My Wings


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